Dyker Heights gum disease

Dyker Heights Gum Disease

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What is gum disease in Dyker Heights

The simple answer as to the question, “What is gum disease?” is that it’s something unpleasant that you would most certainly rather avoid. Of course, we have a more informative and detailed answer for you. Here at the dental practice of Michael Acquista, D.D.S., a high priority is the prevention of Dyker Heights gum disease, along with the effective treatment of it when it does occur.

There are two basic stages, which are gingivitis and periodontitis. However, there is more to the story than that. Gum disease results when bacterial acids found in dental plaque and tartar cause irritation and redness to your gums. Those bacterial acids are fueled by the sugars and starches in your diet. Irritation and redness indicate gingivitis, the early stage of Dyker Heights gum disease. At that point, all you need to reverse the effects is a professional teeth cleaning (or two) at our office. This is the same cleaning you get routinely as part of your six month visit for a complete oral examination. If gingivitis is not properly addressed, the next stage is periodontitis. Under normal circumstances, it is referred to as chronic periodontitis. And the symptoms include receding gums, persistent bad breath, and bleeding gums when you brush, all due to inflammation. The same thing is true of aggressive periodontitis, though the signs will come on considerably faster, possibly because of smoking, a family history, or an underlying health issue like diabetes or heart issues. Necrotizing gum disease involves dead gum tissue, and should be addressed immediately. More to the point, though, all gum disease should be evaluated and treated at the earliest possible convenience.

By paying close attention to Dyker Heights gum disease, you can avoid the worst consequences of it and maintain strong, healthy gums. Contact our office to book a prompt appointment.

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