Dyker Heights Dentist

Dyker Heights Dentist

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Michael Acquista, D.D.S. is a Dyker Heights dentist who provides dental care for all ages. Dr. Acquista has over 30 years of experience and education in the field of dentistry, medicine and nutrition. Our offices have plenty of parking and are easy for patients to get to. Visit our website for directions or simply call our staff.

Our Dyker Heights dentist recommends brushing and flossing at all ages with a good routine. Proper brushing and flossing go a long way in combating gum disease like gingivitis. Twice daily habits like proper brushing and flossing are recommended to help keep gum disease at bay. For more information on how to fight plaque and keep teeth clean, or to schedule an appointment for an exam, call our offices today. One of our friendly staff can help you learn more about our services and our excellent commitments to your dental care by helping you today.

If plaque or gum disease is present, we may recommend a periodontal cleaning. A periodontal cleaning is done when there is severe gum loss or gum disease and the pockets of the gums have deepened to 3mm or more. The purpose of this kind of cleaning is to try to save the teeth from gum disease. It helps to relieve swelling and inflammation caused by gum disease, allowing the mouth to heal and feel better.
Over time, with good hygiene and regular cleanings, the gum disease can be reversed. To make an appointment with our Dyker Heights dentist, call today. Call today or make your appointment online. Patients can access our social media pages through our website. For dental emergencies, call us so that we can make an appointment as soon as possible. Experience quality care today with us at our offices.

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